All Clear Plumbing

All Clear Plumbing provides quality plumbing repairs and drain cleaning services. Commercial and residential clients throughout the Upstate love us for our fair prices. 

When it comes to plumbers in the Greenville area, you have plenty of options. So, why start a homegrown brand when there are already so many successful competitors? The answer is that Scott Smith, our Master Plumber, wanted to create jobs that allowed talented plumbers to focus on their trade rather than their sales. In short, we use a business model your grandfather would recognize as a plumbing company. 

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All Clear Plumbing
Call for Service

We answer the phones 24/7/365 at 864-979-7059.

We Keep Promises

Learn the joy of a plumbing contractor that actually communicates and shows up on time. 24/7/365 you’ll be able to speak with an owner on the phone.

Actual Plumbers

Not salesman, but plumbers. No commission pay here but quality career tradesman.

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Family Owned & Operated

No franchise fees or regulations means we can do what is right for our customer every time.

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Repairs & Maintenance

All Clear is 100% focused on service plumbing in the Greenville area, meaning that our crew is available to fix your plumbing issues when you’ve got them.

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