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Episode 40: Virus Control

We are joined again by Robert and Tyler from Tech Force PC Repair & IT Services. This time they are sharing their wisdom about keeping those pesky virus outbreaks off our computers. We get it. It…
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Episode 38: Money in the Hopper

Mark Hopper of Hopper Financial Services joins us to discuss the future of our money. It’s confusing, especially for us Millennials, who often get advice that conflicts the reality of our situa…
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Episode 37: The Five Step Budget

You probably know you should have a budget. In theory. But how many of us do? How many revisit it as often as we should? Maybe you aren’t sure how to actually create a personal budget or how oft…
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Episode 36: Like a Pack-a-Day Habit

Turns out the South Carolina Upstate is a hotbed for Radon. What is Radon? Good question. Don Curry of Carolina RES joins us to explain what this potentially harmful stuff is and what happens if we ig…
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Episode 34: Jump on the Bandwagon

South Carolina collegiate sports are *on fire* this year. This has lots of folks jumping on the Bandwagon, but maybe not like you’d expect. Today we chat with Harold Hughes, Clemson Alumni, spor…
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Episode 32: Something to Smile About

Dr. Beatriz Dennis is with us to talk teeth! Waterstone Dentistry is a general dental practice specializing in cosmetic dentistry in downtown Greenville. I asked Dr. Dennis about some of the overwhel…
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Episode 31: Made in the Shades

Southern Traditions Window Fashions If the words “window fashions” conjures an image of your grandmothers heavy draperies and large floral prints, you’ve got some catching up to do.…
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